Easter 2012

We interrupt our beach pictures to send a happy message: Happy Easter 2012!

Zane is bigger than he used to be. Annie has perfected the "cheese" grin for me.

Remember those days when there was just one activity per holiday? One visit to Santa's lap? One trick-or-treating opportunity? Are those days long gone or what?

Last Thursday the kids and B went to a first Easter party at another village while I went to motet choir. Then, Saturday morning there was a second party at our village. We rounded out the weekend by a third, family party (actually I took the kids while B went to work) at a church friend's place. 

Egg hunts, egg hunts, and more egg hunts! On the way home from the third party, I announced that "tomorrow" would be REAL EASTER. "DOES THAT MEAN MORE EGG HUNTS?!" Annie squealed. "No, today was the day of FUN Easter. Tomorrow is the day of REAL Easter." Great dividing line there, Michelle.

I went on to explain about Jesus dying on the cross, laying for 3 days in the tomb, and rising again on EASTER.  Zane said, "Wait, so Jesus was born on Christmas and rose again on Easter? That Jesus, he has good timing."

The best timing.

Sunday was wonderful/busy but not even as stressful as usual/a true blessing. After church, Annie asked if we could PLEASE do another egg hunt. Zane chimed in too; he was game. "But you guys, we don't have any more eggs or candy. Remember, that was yesterday on FUN Easter." "We don't need NEW eggs mom! We'll take the candy out of the eggs we have and HIDE THOSE!"

What, you mean egg hunts aren't all about the treats inside? My children continue to teach me great truths.

Big kids. Happy evenings. Good timing. (And if you must know, more egg hunts on Monday.)


Lucky Day said…
I'm a fan of egg hunts all year long. I think if we make some of the secular holidays a little more every day, it is not so hard to see through them to the sacred.

We'll be by your house next time we're in town for a little off season Santa singing.