A post about many things

Have you noticed my posts being a little, er, scattered lately? I used to be able to edit. For now, I'm too tired. So it all gets grouped together, and we're just thankful it gets remembered.

Zane is going through a bit of a 7-year-old-stretch at the moment. Basically, he doesn't understand why he needs to follow directions given to him at any time by either parent. But he comes about it honestly, I think. For instance, when it's time for dinner, he does not appreciate being interrupted. This week he said to me, "Mom, when I'm playing legos, I don't want to stop JUST to eat dinner. Like, what if you were doing the dishes, and I made you stop to come and see something all the way in my room? How would that make you feel?"

As if I enjoy doing the thing I'm always doing like he enjoys the thing he's always doing.

Anyway, we the parents realized we needed to re-introduce words like "responsibility" and "consequences" into his world. Oh, and "reward." That word seemed to really help in nailing down the whole concept tonight at FHE. And if three dimes a day (for three personal responsibilities completed) is enough to actually stop the whining and complaining, I'm completely down.

Parenting with a plan, who knew?
That almost covers Zane for now, besides some funny quotes and school papers.
Quote #1: "Man, I really want an IPad. Or at least an IPhone. Which one is cheaper?"
Quote #2: "Hey pops, I just taught Annie a new word! Say it Annie!" To which Annie chimed in with, "EXECUTION TIME!" Great.
Quote #3: This one's also from Annie, as she was watching Zane dance: "Rock it Zane, rock it!" Rock it indeed.
School paper funny #1: 
I STILL LOVE FIRST GRADE! It's going to be so boring when he starts to spell things correctly.
Can you pick out awesome and tasty?

School paper funny #2: Proof whose son he is, brought to you by Martin Luther King day

Zane, as always, thank you.

I've been experiencing small but quite frequent pockets of joy that I always wish I could document more accurately than my "norm." But I think I'm actually going backwards in my skill sets lately (I used to take OK pictures, I used to form complete sentences, etc), which doesn't bode well for documentation. Will it be like this forever? No, soon I'll have a new baby and I'll get even less sleep. Heaven help me. :)

Anyway, this particular evening, Annie was defending the earth from the moss monster, and it was the perfect temperature outside and I loved that she had on her stars and stripes jammies AND her bike helmet (proper superhero attire, I thought). I have also grown to love the moss on the ginormous trees, and I know I will absolutely miss this out-my-front-door view soon enough.

So even if the actual picture doesn't quite match my loudly pulsing heart strings, here it is, included.
You take on the moss monsters, Annie, no matter how big.

My final thought for the night: uplifting people make the world go round. I am fortunate to be surrounded by such people on a daily basis. Smart, kind, patient, talented, loving, wise, unselfish, interesting, honest, optimistic. I am positively affected by their awesome everydaynesses. I want to be more like them. 

I also want to go to bed. :) Goodnight.


walt or jean said…
I'm with Zane: I have a dream that flights to Florida could be cheaper. Rock it Zane. Annie, may all your monsters be mossy. And may you slay them with the flick of your wrist or the puff of your breath.