Pickles and essays and dear grandma Tilly

When I was pregnant with Zane, I had a chance run-in with an almost empty pickle jar that was remembered way longer than any strange cravings or habits. 

Brandon had pulled the pickle jar out of the fridge and there, all alone and bobbing for dear life, was one teensy little pickle.

Only one little pickle in that whole huge jar? I laughed until I cried. No really, I started by laughing but ended by crying, hard. I couldn't stop sobbing. Seriously, my little valve that differentiated between hysterically happy and hysterically sad got stuck on the sad side. Poor Brandon, he couldn't figure out what happened. "Wait, wasn't the lonely pickle thing funny?" "Yes, it was hilarious!" I said, through gasps and tears and all such ridiculousness.

I was out of control.

Well, I thought it was a thing of the past, a fluke of the crazy, pregnant-for-the-first-time-and-unable-to-control-herself me.

Then yesterday, Zane brought home this self portrait.

Laughed until I bawled. And later that night, I showed it to Brandon and did the very same thing.

I'd like to introduce you to my son. Yes, I know he has no head. It's cool.

I am a crazy person.

Speaking of Zane, one of the things he's doing in school currently is writing these awesome 4 sentence paragraphs once a week. They are hilarious, because they show Zane's perspective on our home/family life. For instance:
"In my family, there are four people who do different things. First, my mom does the dishes. Next, my dad lets me play wii for hours. Last, my sister Annie cries at dinner."
Here's another one: 
"My family teaches and they share and they are funny. First, my mom teaches my little sister how to be nice so she doesn't bug me. Next, I share my legos with Annie. And lastly I do a funny dance when Annie is sad."
Oh Zane, how you speak the truth.

Oh and also speaking of Zane, he gave us quite a scare last weekend when he attempted to jump onto a picnic table, missed, and bashed his teeth and lips into it instead.

Oo, aren't you glad you came to my blog today? Gross and a half.

Luckily mouths heal at an amazing rate, and our dentist friend told us the blackness of the gums was "really quite mild." He also told us the wiggly PERMANENT teeth were the cause of ripped ligaments around the bone (!!!) and not to worry at all, one of the things ligaments do really well is heal (!!!). 

Today, he looks normal. 

On a more serious note, Brandon's grandma Tilly passed away last week. What a dear, dear lady she was. We have had a nice week, contemplating her and the impact she had on her children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. Brandon often talks of her determination (she got a masters degree in her late 60s), her hard work and non-judgement (she worked for decades as a nurse in Idaho Falls, then after retirement volunteered in schools and took in needy families in multiple states), and her love for her family (not a phone call would pass without her telling us how proud she was of us "kids" and how much she loved us). Today (about the time of Tilly's funeral in UT), Annie played dress-up using one of our Tilly-made dresses. It was a lovely moment, Tilly's presence here even after her passing. We are so grateful to have had her shoulders to stand on all these years.

ps: In the not-so-distant future, we might actually know what we're doing with ourselves after graduation. Stay tuned!


gaylene said…
I actually laughed while reading this until it made me cry :)

And also, it's nice that there are people like Tilly in our lives!That was sweet the way you were remembering her!