Mid-march activities

Thanks to everyone for the well wishes. In a perfect world, I would email each of you back individually, spilling more of the beans about the painful process and agonizing details that went into making the final decision.

Actually, you should be glad I don't live in that perfect world. Consider yourself spared.

Anyway, now we can write dissertations and have babies. Cake.

A warm spring everywhere else (besides snow in F-town, HB) means HEAT in Florida. We've been in the mid-80's since last week. What can I say, I really like it. Probably because I also stay pretty close to the a/c. 

We found sidewalk chalk for $1 at Target and came home to what started out as a great activity. Then I snuck inside to get my camera and two minutes later, Annie was in tears. Welcome to our life. 

At least the sunshine is happy!

Some Annie quotes this week:
After any statement she makes, "Did you ever know that?"
"Mom, are we listening to blue GRASS?" 
Hey, where's Zane?
He's deep in the Magic Tree House series. Deep deep. Forgets to eat. Forgets to play. Sneaks it into bed on Saturday mornings when his parents aren't ready for him to be awake yet (and even better, doesn't know that I actually prefer it to his other sneak activity called lego.com).  Took it to the gator baseball game last weekend. Could NOT figure out why he couldn't take it to church. 

I'm just so happy he's reading. Thank you Jack and Annie.
(Oh yeah, bonus: my Annie thinks she's the REAL Annie in the stories. "You know Annie? I'm HER.")
 Aren't we dull? Isn't in WONDERFUL?


Ann Marie said…
Everyone deserves a little dullness now and again. Enjoy!
Ann Marie said…
Zane probably comes from a long line of great readers.
Kjerstin said…
Oh Jack and Annie...my boys have read all of their adventures :) I'm so glad that Annie is the real Annie so she can go on the adventures with Zane, too.