It's official

For quite awhile now, I have been telling Brandon all roads lead to Boulder, specifically CU-Boulder.
Well, I got pretty close, at least with the University abbreviation letters. 

You see, in August, we are in fact headed to CU-- however, the CU in this case stands for CLEMSON UNIVERSITY in Clemson, South Carolina. 

We got a little closer to home, no?

We are thrilled. Over the course of this process, Brandon has had interviews with ten different schools, jumping all over the nation: South Carolina, Alabama, Pennsylvania, Virginia, New York, New Jersey, Texas, and Oregon. Of the multiple offers he received, Clemson was lights out the best work opportunity for him and the best lifestyle for our family. I have always talked about how ideal I think Laramie WY is for families, besides that crazy cold weather! Clemson is Laramie-sized, tucked into the beautifully wooded western edge of South Carolina, and still only four hours from the atlantic beaches and Charleston.

Like I said, we are thrilled. 

And completely exhausted. I never, ever want to re-live the last 8 weeks again.

We snuck in a visit to Clemson a few weeks ago, just to make sure what I was seeing on google maps wasn't giving me the wrong (romantic, idealistic) idea of the place. And guess what, it was awesome. Teeny little town, beautiful old neighborhoods close to the university (and the preschool I've already signed Annie up for), a charming little (emphasis on little) University Ave that is family friendly and clean. The campus itself, the surrounding lakes, parks, and trees. 

Yeah, I'm going to remain romantic about it at least until I move there.

We love that it's in the Southeast, as we weren't quite ready to say goodbye to this climate yet. And yet, it's north enough that we'll get snow occasionally (Annie doesn't know what snow is), and perhaps four seasons instead of hot/not-hot. 

Brandon is STOKED about the job. It's a research one university with a long standing reputation of excellence in engineering. He will be able to go very far there. And apparently the college football and baseball is pretty solid too, and it might be something we could walk to if we land in the right home.

Zane saw a soda machine in the Moe's there that lets you put any variety of flavoring into any soda you want--we had experienced this once at a restaurant in Utah, and apparently he's forgotten that we don't actually let him GET soda most of the time-- and now he's completely sold on the place. 

Annie saw all the tiger "paw prints" on everything and now she wants to move to the place with all the "spots." Plus she likes the colors (the rest of us are still getting used to purple and orange).

I am just so happy to live in a little village again, like unto Laramie or Bainbridge, without all the fuss (and traffic) of a mall or even (gasp) a Walmart or Target. They exist in surrounding towns, and that's good enough for me!  Plus, less everyday time in the car is something I've been dreaming about, and everything in town (ie the elementary school, because yes there is only one, the two grocery stores, and the library--what else does a girl need?) is about 5 minutes away or less.

What can I say, most of you would be horrified to move to such a place. But I just can't wait. :)

So, all Brandon's hard work in interviewing (and our hard work of surviving without him) paid off, and we're in for a wonderful treat this fall. 

Boulder, we'll catch you next time!


Melaney said…
Michelle! So good to see you and your family. I'd love to follow you and your blog. Congrats on your move! We are moving as Los Angeles. Paul is doing a Master's program at Universal Studios. :)Here is my email:
Ann Marie said…
It all sounds so great I almost forgot is in South Carolina - instead of say - Wyoming. It does sound wonderful though and I think you will love it there. but orange and purple? (I'd love to know the history of those colors.)
walt or jean said…
Happy, happy, happy.
Lauren said…
Fabulous! So glad that things have worked out great for your little family! What an exciting opportunity!
Wow! The suspense was killing us over here! I still need to have Matt tell me more of the details. Congratulations! That sounds sooooo perfect even if it is still so far away! ;)
Crystal said…
Congrats!! On everything being official and finally having Brandon home for more than 2 days in a row :)
Kristen Miner said…
I know you have my number, and I will write more later but let us know if you pass by the ATL. We will show you around on a golf cart! Congrats and welcome to the real 'South.'
How very exciting.
I've been anxious to hear where you where headed. It sounds like a perfect fit!!
Ginger said…
So we lived in S. Carolina for a summer a long time ago. It was grand. We lived in Greenville-which is pronounced Greenvull, if you are a local. I can't remember why (maybe to look at grad school) but we visited Clemson and you are right, it is a small little town. It has a wonderful botanical garden..if you are into that kind of thing.

One thing that's totally weird though, and it's kind of a long story about how I know, but the mascot for clemson is the Tigers right? Well, the Orange Clemson Paw (that everybody has on their car bumper or back car window) has four toes. Real tigers have five. So now you can distinguish for yourself a real tiger vs. a Clemson tiger. I know, so silly., I'm long winded...we loved SC. It's so interesting there. They've got a culture entirely their own, you'll see.
Astyn said…
Congrats!!! I had a friend at the UF College of Nursing that would always rave about Clemson. I hear it is lovely. Plus, the southeast really is a nice place to live....we miss so much about the culture there.

Congrats to Brandon!!! Sounds like he was a very popular job candidate. For your sake, I am glad that part is over.
Kris said…
Congrats to you guys...that is exciting..maybe someday we will get back east to see you!
Lillie said…
Oh my gosh it sounds amazing! I'm so jealous that you get to be pushed into new and interesting situations and charming cultures. I think it'll stay romantic. :) I can't wait to hear all about it once you're there. Good luck! And way to go Brandon!