We really need to get to the beach again soon, for this blog's sake

Another Friday evening. Ooo, I like getting here. No 6:30 am alarm in the morning. B is almost home from another round of you-know-whats.  (Our new motto: another week, another city. Or in this week's case, two.) And if you don't know-whats, I'm sorry, I can't say anything else until he's been hired somewhere.)

At times like these, I find myself caught between wanting to go to sleep IMMEDIATELY and wanting instead to linger in this quiet spot, thinking about the happinesses and highlights of the week. I think tonight, the lingering is going to win out. Still, have you ever been to bed at 8:35pm? It's reMARKable. 

One of my favorite moments this week:
I was looking into the back bedroom and I saw both kids playing legos.

 Annie waits and waits for Zane to come home from school every day. When the bus arrives and the children march home, she always follows him all the way back to his room. Usually it's just to sit on the bed and watch whatever adventure he (alone or with a friend) gets into. This day, though, she had jumped right in with him. And happily as can be for the mama, he hadn't missed a beat. "Here's a mini-figure body for you Annie." A kind older brother makes the world go round.

A better but still not great picture:
I am going to be so happy when we have room enough in our rooms for people AND furniture.

Another funny moment (and more messy pictures of my house):
Earlier in the day, Annie had made a snowflake for herself out of brown construction paper. I didn't clean up the leftover confetti, hoping it would somehow disappear on its own. Later that night, it DID disappear....underneath the orange, red, and blue leftover confetti of more snowflakes. Sigh. You have your snow, we have ours.

The above picture also illustrates two current Annie facts. First, she has rockin' long, straight hair that I would die for. Second, she will not go a day without a "dress." Even jeans days are dress days around here.

Another moment in time captured forever:
This is to help me look back and remember with fondness the "little bump" I had at 19 weeks. Because this week my pants stopped fitting. And that was a big bummer. 

(ps: Some of the funniest pictures on the web are silly women like me trying to take pictures of their pregnant selves for their mommy blogs. I am aware of the absurdity. And all I can say is that it could have been a lot worse. You should have seen the crazy eyes (and eyebrows) I had to cut out of this one.)

I also made myself a new purse (yes, this is my purse) this week. You'll be pleased to know this was a slightly bigger version than the last. It holds my phone, monies, and car clicker thing that broke off awhile back. woot! 

It's amazing how long I've been wanting a new one of these. What, babies require bigger-than-this purses, what? I'm going to soak in these next 4 months. 

Another gem to remember from the week (actually just the last hour or so): toothpaste-as-soap gets rid of the poop smell. If my blog holds no other useful advice, ever, it will still have fulfilled its purpose.

Wow. There you have it, another riveting week. Time to head to the beach, I think.


walt or jean said…
Toothpaste used as toothpaste also removes the poop smell, or so Jean says. (Don't forget to brush.)
OK, I thought I was keeping up with your posts pretty well, then, BOOM, I miss an important one a week or so ago. Congrats on the new baby! You are the 4th person I know due on July 4th. Random, I know. Molli used some of the material you sent me as packaging awhile ago to make a doll back pack at her sewing class. I can't wait to see how it turns out. I'll send pictures. Wishing you the best of luck! -D'Lynne :)