St. Pete weekend

B was in Tampa Monday-Friday of last week for work stuff (building concrete beams, you know, the norm). We decided to join him late Thursday night (can't miss motet choir!), so we'd be there to wish him HAPPY BIRTHDAY early on Friday morning. Even if he was going to spend the rest of the day pouring concrete.

We came, we wished, we ate waffles for breakfast at the motel, then B headed off for his final day of concrete happiness for the week and we hooked up with our favorite St. Pete friends.

The agenda? The downtown art museum! ("It's a world famous museum," said the beauty in the middle.)  

The real agenda? Silliness!

And some mummies and other art-stuff. Except we didn't actually see any mummies. More like pots and statues and coins and lots of old, old stuff. Zane at one point said, "I would NOT spend money on this old of stuff." And speaking of would NOT, once we got to the paintings side of the museum, Annie the rule-police would NOT let us cross the safety lines taped on the floor about 2 feet out from the perimeter of each room. "ZANE!!!! YOU'RE GETTING TOO CLOSE TO THE LINE!!!"
Next time we'll work on volume level.
Also, mini-quizzes from Q were given in each room about everyone's favorite artwork, which made for studious children and impressed onlookers. Now everywhere we go Zane asks Annie, "Annie, look around and tell me your favorite ______."

B joined up with us later that afternoon, as well as the lovely mama/doctor L, and we puzzled and ate pizza and SANG AND MARCHED AT THE TOP OF OUR LUNGS (okay, so that was only the little girls) and Brandon decided to get sick as can be and missed out on homemade pizza and lava cakes and vanilla custard/ice cream. (I am not going to go into detail here, but just know that we completely took advantage of our doctor friend's wonderful expertise and care, as well as she and her husband's fantastic food--yeah, we were really fun house guests, I'm pretty sure) What a way to spend your birthday, B! Oh well, more cake for your wife!

The next morning, B feeling a little better after some rest, we snuck over one last time to the beach at Clearwater. I finally remembered my camera, and although the cloudy skies made for a little less mesmerizing pics, it was a wonderful morning to capture and put in our back pockets for future "remember when"s. Not too cold or too hot, no wind. Water a little cold for anyone but crazy Zane, but sand as white and glorious as ever. Happy kids, happy parents.

I sneaked a picture with this beautiful lady and her sweet little (though not SO little) lady. Happiness. Oh, and there's Annie too.

Don't ask me who this kid in the middle is, but our two bookend cuties had to remembered.
Besides, why make a sand castle when you can dig a ginormous sand HOLE.

My kids are getting big.

Here's the not-so-little baby herself, pink as pink can be and already as lovely as her mama.

Gotta love obedient children: hey kids, look up!
Spilt cereal here made for unwanted visits from seagulls. "THE EAGLES ARE COMING! THE EAGLES ARE COMING!" Annie was beside herself.

And here's our blue-lipped Z-man, at the beginning and the end of his into-the-water adventure. Had to see if he could catch the dolphins!

Did I mention that B had been working outside in a concrete plant of some sort all week? Not a lot of shaving going on. Which was quite charming, but only because when you're 35 years old all the sudden, some of those beard hairs are white, not black.  How does that happen?
(ps: Q, I think that's you drinking water in my sunglasses reflection. Just in case you're feeling left out in the picture category.)

Happy birthday weekend, Brandon! Sorry you felt like deena for most of it! :)
St. Pete friends, again, you far exceeded expectations of radness. Thanks for a great time. 


Megan said…
I tell you what, I am going to really miss your beach posts when you guys move away from paradise. Especially when I'm visiting Laramie (which I'm currently doing) and its a blizzard outside (which it currently is). I'm just sayin' ....
Heather Bigley said…
I can't figure out who that scarlett look likes.
Alyson said…
I have always wanted to pour concrete for my birthday. Lucky Brandon!
megfutbol said…
Thanks for sharing a picture of the baby! So beautiful!!! Congrats again to Q & L. Happy Birthday to Brandon!