baby boys all over the place

Hey, I have happy news! I'm not the only one with a new blue one for 2012! 
Super older brother Jon and fabulous wife Tina welcomed Asher James into the family yesterday. Look at that wonderful dark hair.

Annie asked me if our baby can come now. I said, "Not too long now. Only...... (doing the numbers in my head) one hundred....thirty days or so." 
She looked at me skeptically.
Okay, we've still got awhile. :)

Jon and Tina, thanks again for being rockin' examples for basically all things in my life, including little boys in 2012 (although something tells me mine won't have the dark hair).
 Best of luck and happiness to you!


Ann Marie said…
Blue ones sure are precious.
Kjerstin said…
Hurray for Jon and Tina!!!