Thanks to everyone for the well wishes. :) And yes, now you know my part of the censored post a few weeks ago (the heartbeat was music to my ears). Hopefully in another month or two, we'll be able to fill in some of the B news as well. We're creeping ever closer to settling on and announcing a final destination--that will be a fun blog post! 

In the meantime, tonight I am recording the progress of my latest quilt. Basically, after my previous blog post about it, I put my ten finished rectangles in a bag along with the remaining scraps, and tucked the whole project deep inside my sewing bin. Part of it was sheer exhaustion. Those suckers take a lot out of you; quilters are like long distance runners with their endurance. Also though, in my case, there were many other and much more pressing demands on my time. SLEEP for instance. :)

Anyway, I had a little extra time and energy this week (plus B was out of town again), so I busted out the rest of the top quilt!

Here it is in various stages of being done, just to give you (and me, in case I'm crazy enough to want to make another one someday and need a reminder) an idea of the steps involved. 

Here are all the squares laid out, not sewn.

Here's the sewn together top!

And here's the back, just so we can see how many seams it takes (another reminder).

Phew. The quilt measures 43" by 52" ish. Next I need to find a yard and a half of sheer color-y happiness for the backing fabric, and some binding too.

Some will ask if this is for the new baby. I'll admit it was on Wednesday, when I thought we were going pink. Now that we're blue, it will have to pass as a "springtime" quilt instead. Thankfully, Annie likes it, bless her heart.

Moral of the story: I love/hate scrap quilts! I love them because I don't have to buy any new fabric at all   (I just have to dig through all my old projects) which is huge when you count up how much fabric costs. However, I really hate (shh, we still don't say that word in our house) them because of ALL THE WORK. 

Next quilt will be for boy: large squares of gray, navy blue, and maybe some kind of green. whatever doesn't look like puke or poop. :)


Here's more sewing love, in the form of reversible baby bibs for a dear friend who just had a pink one:


I may or may not have cut out exact replicas for my own pink one. The pink one that is now a blue one. Gray, navy, green, here I come!


Heather Bigley said…
orange and yellow and red too!
when i worked in houston, i had a male asian coworker who wore the most brilliant colors---pinks, purples, etc. he was quite handsome. but k's a green, blue, brown fellow, so no dice.
Lucky Day said…
P has so many orange and blue shirts. When he wears a white one it's like "Ahhh, I can see your face again."

Hurray for your projects!
Megan said…
Some how I missed your last post...Michelle, I'm so happy for you! I hope the last several weeks haven't been to difficult with sickness. And the 4th of July is a wonderful due date! I'm thrilled for you! Loves and hugs!
amber and james said…
I am so excited for you guys! I wish you still lived here. We could use you and Brandon's awesomness here in boring Idaho Falls. Congrats. on the Boy! How fun!
Amber Williams