Annie is really into riding her bike right now.

She is so funny; she will pedal and push and pedal her way up the grueling hill (you know, the hard part)...

...and then get off her bike and walk slowly and carefully back down again. She's too afraid to get hurt on the way down (you know, the fun part). No thank you mom. Too dangerous mom. TOO DANGEROUS!!

And try as I might, I can't convince her otherwise.

And I have to wonder--is this how I live my own life? Push and pedal endlessly up the HARD part. Struggle, struggle, everything's a struggle sometimes. Then, when life allows some relief (some downhill fun if you will), I tiptoe nervously with caution, afraid of that pit-in-the-stomach feel I might get from falling too quickly.

Has my daughter learned every quirky thing she does from ME!?

Well, maybe so, but you won't be able to convince me of doing it any other way any time soon either. Plus, beware: try and correct me and you might get a reaction like this.

Me and Annie: we're so lovable. 

And not at all maddening.

 Okay, maybe just a little maddening.

In other news, Brandon's home from week 6 of his out-of-town ridiculousness! Time for cheesecake! 


D.B. said…
i love a good bike post, even if she doesn't ride on the fun parts, masochism can be a good thing at times :)
Ann Marie said…
I will ride downhill but I always put on the brakes. Does that put me in the middle somewhere? Right under this box is a heading "choose an identity" - I always want to use it to get a fresh start - hum. . . who DO I want to be.