Ninja-go! and other things

We spent some time outside yesterday. I just keep telling myself, you crazy person, get OUT there, this is January. Cherish cherish, enjoy enjoy.

Lucky for me I have kids who get me out there.

Annie kept bringing me treasures. Look how BIG mom. I can't help but notice how big SHE'S getting.

This is a treasure, mom. I am just glad it's actually the thing in focus in the picture and not her shoes like my usual tricks.

Have you all been properly introduced to the world of Ninjago yet? If not, I've done a disservice. We educated the masses about Thomas the Train when it was the highlight of our lives. Then again with Star Wars. The newest insanity? It's Lego Ninjago. As in, "Ninja--GO!!" (listen to 1:05-1:30, it's the best says zane.)

What makes it even cooler is that one of the characters is named Zane. Oh yeah, boo yah, he says.

Anyway, it's the latest obsession. My favorite part? That it somehow captures the attention and heart of 5 all the way up to 10 year old boys (and girls). As in they play make believe together. I thought that happy stage was over. I'm thrilled that it's here in full swing, although I'm sure it helps that there is fighting involved. 

Zane the ninja (he did not know I was taking these pictures):

This was before I made them drop the sticks. Then they got sad and whiny and I had to pull out the "Didn't you hear about the kid who lost an eye due to a stick accident?" line. Bummer, mom. Oh well, Ninja-GO!

Anyway, this enormous part of our family life is now covered. check.

Speaking of Zane, here's another funny. All year, he's been taking spelling tests. And all year, there is a special message at the bottom of the paper.

(Side note: Brandon was very proud of Zane for misspelling 'catch.' "Spelling it like it sounds, that's my boy!")
(Now, back to the story.)

Did you catch it? The 'I love tests' part? Man, that teacher is impressive with the brainwashing, I thought! So I asked Zane:
me: "Does your teacher always have the class write 'I love tests' at the bottom of the page?" 
Zane: "No, I just write it myself."
me: "But why?" 
Zane: "Because I love tests!"
What in the world? Who is this child?
me: "Do other kids write it too?" (thinking he got the idea from someone)
Zane: "I don't know. You're not supposed to look at anybody else's test!"

I {heart} this kid.

And on a less charming note, one more story.

B is on the job hunt. We don't mention it here, because of worlds colliding. But he's in the thick of it. This week, he had some positive attention from a favorite on his list.
That night before prayers, he said, "Hey Zane, guess what? ------- called me today, interested in setting up a job interview. Isn't that good news?"
Zane, honestly, said, "Well, actually, that isn't that interesting. But yeah, it's good news. Can we pray now?"



gaylene said…
Thanks for the laugh this morning :)
Ann Marie said…
1:05 to 1:30 was pretty good. A ninja lego named Zane. What could be better? maybe some nature treasures?
Ginger said…
Yeah, legos are so cool. Sam corrects me everytime that Ninjago is pronounced, "NinJAgo". Whatever. We went to the Lego store at the mall today and I heard the same conversation 2 other times between sons and their moms.

Also, Lego just came out with girl Legos called the "Friends" series. We left the store with one box of those and many more hopes for more.

Good luck on the job hunt!