This week, in code

I feel like we're living top secret lives over here. Well, no, we're actually living our normal, boring lives. But I feel like anything interesting I'd like to blog about just can't quite be blogged about yet. For instance.

This week, Brandon --- --- --- --- --- day ---. He will --- --- ---, then --- to --- --- --- ---, after which --- --- --- --- --- --- for another ---. ---! Not to mention, today he --- --- --- with ---, which would be --- --- great --- --- ---! And it doesn't stop there. After --- ---, he will be --- --- --- few ---, then --- ---, then --- --- --- --- ---, then ---. Exciting times ahead. Pray for us!

As for me, I --- --- --- --- -- of ---. My --- --- is --- ---, which is the --- one. --- the --- --- music --- --- ---. After the ---, I --- --- --- --- world, --- ---. Thanks --- --- ---.

Maddening isn't it?

At least our children remain uncensored.

Last night, the kids and B were playing the "who would win" game. You know, Yoda versus Master Woo, Rapunzel verses Pocahontas, etc. Zane busted out with, "I know a good one. Who would win at a singing game, Pops or Chewbacca?" I'll just leave it there, folks. :)

As for Annie, she's really stepped it up on the crying lately. Take this exact moment for example. She had completed a drawing of our family (complete with lowercase m eyebrows, a new addition), and was labeling the members therein. Pops was accidentally identified as "Michelle." Can't have that. Erasing starts. Erasing on construction paper doesn't really work all the much. Annie declares, "I know, I'll put water on the eraser! That will HELP!" So of course I have to say, "Oh, Annie, no sweetie, that won't quite work. Water actually kinda ruins erasers (hear how gentle I'm trying to be?). Instead, can I help you try and erase it?"

Well, that's all it took. Big tears coming out from either eyes, she runs from the room wailing. WAHHHHH. Wah wah WAHHHH. Which morphs into WHOA. WHOAAAAA. OH. oh. oh. Which moves more into a song of sorts, the "ohs" finding various pitches. mi. so. mi. (a minor third, very sad sounds.) Then, out of the 'ohs' comes a sad, sad song:

"Oh, whoa, whoa. (mi so mi)
I don't want to draw (do re mi so la)
any more more more. (la so mi re do)
I only want to do what I do (do do re mi so la so la so)
at story time. (so mi re ti) (ti is the worst)
I never.... want... (so la so..... mi)
to...write....again. (mi ... re... do... ti...)
wah wah wah....wah.... wah...." (la so mi...mi.....mi.....)

Luckily, as the wahs die out, a new distracted song takes their place:
"Colors colors I see colors (mi so mi so la la la la)
purple blue green indigo.." (so mi la ti la la la)

And she's back to playing happily. Phew.

That's us today! :) Peace out.


Oh wow! You know that we are all DYING for you to fill in these blanks for us! :) Good luck and have fun!
Lucky Day said…
Love the solfege crying : )
Ann Marie said…
Good ---- ---- all your --------- on.
Nick said…
perfect theme for the day. it's almost like you and the rest of the internet are making a statement about the government wanting to censor the internet :)
Crystal said…
Thanks for the --- update ;) and the wonderful musical talent
Kjerstin said…
So excited to hear about the blanks in that code!!
Cassidi said…
Can't wait for you to fill in the blanks!!