New Year Catch Up

Well hello, 2012. So far so good, ay?

I have been not-taking-pictures and therefore not-posting. I might need to get me one of those phones with a camera in it one of these days. 

BECAUSE! There have already been picture worthy memories. I'll do my best with words instead.

Last Sunday was the first church day of the year, meaning the kids moved up to the next age-leveled classes. Annie is no longer a sunbeam; instead she is a CTR of some sort (apparently, so is Zane, still. He is confused. Me too. Anyway.). When we picked her up, she had a CTR shield necklace around her neck and she shouted, "CTR!" with a big smile whenever she saw someone new. Brandon asked (after the 5th "CTR!"), "Annie, what does CTR mean?" "I DON'T KNOW! CTR!" She seems to be taking after her brother.

Also last Sunday, before church, we went on a long walk/bike ride. The campus was practically empty, so our risk-taking 7-year old could scare the wits out of his parents while still remaining relatively safe.  The phrase I will remember most from that walk? "Zane! COME BACK!"  Anyway, near the end of the ride, Annie wanted to get out, so I told her she could get out by the alligators. Brandon took off towards home, looking for Zane (enter the well remembered phrase here), and us girls took the back trail to the alligator look out.

I say look out here because usually you walk to the bank and "look out" at the alligators in the lake. Except not that day. That day, there on the bank of the look out, sunning himself in the beautiful morning sun, was a 5 or 6 ft ALL-I-GA-TOR. We got within about 15 feet before I even looked up and noticed. Holy deena, Annie, we need to turn around right now.

Oo, come to think of it, this is better WITHOUT a picture. I'll let your imaginations run instead.

:) We made it back to the boys safely, then came around the other way to get a few more looks at it. Except then Annie asked, "Could we please go somewhere SAFER, mom?"

Other great quotes this week by Zane, whose sarcasm is getting sharper every day. Pretty awesome, and pretty sad at the same time. First, Brandon was complaining about something he had to do that day. "You'll survive," came the reply from Z. Then, we were on our way to Target, and Brandon was using the back roads to get there. When Annie asked him where he was taking us, he said, "Oh, we're going to Target, but the way I'm going is SUPER SNEAKY." And our snarky little boy said to himself but just loud enough to be heard, "Hardly." We should probably let him know this is unacceptable instead of giggling at him, huh? Tomorrow.

Finally, one from last night. Brandon was telling Zane money doesn't grow on trees. Zane replied back, "But if it did, we would need to go tree shopping!"

Florida's been really cold this week, have you noticed? Two days in the 20s at night, not even breaking 50 during the day! We basically thought we were going to die. How do you normal people do it? Good news though, I just checked and we're back to 68 degrees. Phew. High of 74 tomorrow. Double phew.

I am excited for this new year. There are wonderful things ahead, for all of us (even without accompanying pictures). Especially if the weather stays warm.