more words from our kids

Look, a picture from our past. It was part II of our annual picture taking tradition/bribery agreement. Why oh why are those things so good?


Tonight at dinner, Zane and Brandon were (gasp) daydreaming about living in a bigger house.

Zane says, "If we had a huge house, upstairs we could get a pool table, and a big tv for the wii, and a romantic table for four!"

Brandon laughed and said, "Actually Z, romantic tables are usually reserved for just two people."

"Oh!" said Zane. "Okay then, we'll get two romantic tables for two--one upstairs for me and you, and another one somewhere for mom and Annie."

Who knew the love/need for a man cave was so intuitive, so early?


As I write, Annie just said, "Don't worry mom, I'll be done in a JIPPY!"

Which reminds me. We just barely broke the news to Zane that words like "wrong" and "song" end with a "g" sound and not an "n" one. "Really?" he said, dejected. "REALLY? I've never known that, in my whole life! REALLY?!"

It's hard to grow up.


Alyson said…
I love all of the quotes. Yours kids say the cutest things! I loved the table for four dialogue!
Kjerstin said…
Annie's smile in this picture is cracking me up!
Astyn said…
I have been catching up on your blog. I love Jesus under the fridge, and the fact that you got away for your 10th!!!...hooray for alone time. And the christmas photos are darling as ever...I need Cami to move to Iowa.
Happy 2012.