A kid trip to the temple

A few weeks ago, I learned that the children of our ward/local congregation were invited to a "morning at the temple" in Orlando.

Did I mention it was in Orlando?
I thought the planners of the activity (one of which is a great friend, hello there great friend!) were crazy. But that's because I don't like to leave my house, let alone travel for 2 hours anywhere.

But as it turns out, it was an inspired activity and I'm glad I trudged along. The weather was beautiful, the kids were enthusiastic (I kept wondering when they were going to figure out that only 12 years old and up people get to go INSIDE the place, so that didn't include THEM), and the experience was a wonderful net good.

We started on the temple grounds with muffins. Great idea.

There was a great grassy area right in front which made a perfect gathering/run around after the car ride spot. The time of day made it not so great for seeing children's faces, but oh well.

Here we are, all gathered (this is picture 117 by the way. The kids were incredibly patient. Valium in the muffins, maybe?)

(Way to crop out the angel Moroni up top Michelle. I miss the boat.)

Yes, that's our primary, or about 75% of them. I know you people in wards with 120+ kids are amazed. If I ever have to do singing time for those kinds of numbers again, I will think back on these little people and weep. 10 kids in senior primary = bliss.

Here's a closeup with my little ones and not so many shaded faces.

After the pictures, we met up with the temple president, who took us on a lovely tour around the building. We stopped on each side, talking about the beautiful windows and rooms inside, the promises we make to Heavenly Father, and the happiness it brings us. Amen.

Then the kids all touched the temple and got a happy little postcard which they drew their hands on and wrote the date. Annie was THRILLED to have HER VERY OWN TEMPLE NOW.

Then, we were off to a nearby church for lunch and more running around. As we were saying goodbye/walking to our cars, I needed a quick picture of my kids so I made them stop mid-stride and CHEESE me. I love these little bugs, and you would be so impressed with the amount of people on either side of them also in mid-stride that I didn't have to make pause in order to get this. One shot and GREAT! we're done.

As we were leaving, Annie asked, "When can we go on ANOTHER temple trip?" Impression made.

And as a total bonus, while we were eating lunch, a big group of missionaries showed up to share the pavilion with us and I glanced over and saw Brandon's cousin, Sis. Reynolds. She is currently serving in the Orlando mission, and thus far we had been good citizens and not tried to see each other in person. But seriously, we were under the same pavilion! So we were able to say hello, give big hugs and take pictures, and hopefully spread some family love to that wonderful sister missionary. See, I'm glad we came, for many reasons!

(Annie wouldn't be in the picture. Anyone surprised?)

We won't talk about the skinned knee on the way to the car, or the crying that ensued for the next couple of hours. We'll just remember that it was a very nice way to spend a beautiful January morning in Florida. Take that, Michelle's bad attitude!


Sharon said…
How fun! Boo to the 2 hour drive though. We need to do that with our primary kids since the temple is WITHIN our ward boundaries! Oh, and I love your little primary...ours isn't much bigger. Which makes is hard with us, and our tiny primary, being the middle ward this year with BIG primaries before and after us. Makes seating the kids a logistical nightmare. TOO MANY CHAIRS!
Ann Marie said…
What a great trip and how wonderful to see Erin. I'll bet she was thrilled with the idea of a temple day for little ones. Who would have thought. Definitely some inspiration involved.
Ann Marie said…
What a great trip and how wonderful to see Erin. I'll bet she was thrilled with the idea of a temple day for little ones. Who would have thought. Definitely some inspiration involved.
Jenneka said…
I. cannot. stop. weeping.

I love your kids. I love the temple. I love our G5 primary. I love your 'great friend' and her courage... I'm afraid I might have (if I had been in her shoes) ignored the inspiration that brought about this event. Brave lady.

I think being apart right now makes our separation this summer feel much too close and much too real. Which might explain my boo-hooing. Sigh. At least we are down to our last week away. See you Sunday!!
Kjerstin said…
Brave, brave Primary ladies! I'm so completely impressed...and a little envious that I'm such a chicken. Can you imagine if we would have attempted that with our ginormous group way back when? :)
Alyson said…
Loved it all! Sometimes I like to play "cetch" up on your blog. Love you all so much!