working and dancing

B just got home from a work trip. He was gone for 8 days.

When Zane first heard about it, he said, "A whole week without Pops? This is going to be so terrible." I'm with you, Z. Especially since my kids are on to the fact that B is the fun one. We ALL missed him.

But, we survived. And while he was gone, I came to some realizations about my own limits and was able to edit my life accordingly. I tell you what, hindsight is a remarkable thing. 

And we managed to still have dance parties this week, so I think my kids survived. 

Can you say "Just Dance Kids 2," every day? Annie can. It's our morning workout. 

"Do you LOVE it guys? I LOVE IT!" She just said that this very second.

My favorite: "Shake your groove thing, shake your groove thing!" Annie's favorite: "I DON'T WANT TO GO TO SUMMER SCHOOL!" Zane's favorite: "I am a gummy bear, I am a yummy yummy yummy yummy gummy bear." If only the speakers weren't so close to the computer.

Also, Pandora. Tea Party Princess. Sorry Zane, that's the name of the station. I think we were rockin' out to "Life is a highway!" at this point (wink wink, sure).

And actually, right after this, they whipped right into each other, and Zane's homework pencil may or may not have stuck Annie in the cheek. Weeping while dancing, anyone? Luckily, Zane's there to entertain her with his moves. Soon, we're back to giggling.

Did you notice Annie's hat in the above combined set? We're celebrating Chinese New Year, of course! Every Wednesday since we got home this summer, Annie and I have gone to this great little storytime/craft hour at a local educational/toy store. It's been just perfect for her. Coloring, stories, then a little (or in this case big) craft to take home. Happy camper.

And like I said, B is home now. More happy campers.


walt or jean said…
great moves! glad brandon is safely home. great mom.
Rae said…
I have thought so many times about getting that game...

By the way, Erin wrote about seeing you this week and I know it really was a huge deal to her. She's had a rough couple of weeks, fro mthe sound of her last letters, and the most recent one was more upbeat and happy than we've heard in a long time,
Heather Bigley said…
first, your house looks gi-normous. second, z has some grooving shoes. third, i wish i could come to the dance party.