Me and the leaves

I can't seem to get enough of them lately. Maybe it's because they are so unassuming. The trees just simply exist, dinky little things that have been planted here and there around our village. All year I don't notice them much, then BAM! the leaves turn (and the sun goes down) and they can't help but bring attention to themselves.

Can you see why I couldn't pass these up? They're hearts, after all.
Veiny, brown-edged, messages of love (and because it's December now, peace and joy too) clinging to the trees for a few more tremendous days of beauty.

I have nothing very significant to say tonight. Only a few funnies, to go with the leaves.

First, Annie singing "A B C D E F G H R J K ENIMEN O P." What does it say about me that I hope she never sings it correctly? (It drives her brother CRAZY. "it's not HRJK!!!")

Next, our hall decking tonight (you know, "deck the halls (or in our case, teeny tiny apartment)"). Within 30 seconds of "go," Zane had dropped a nativity camel, breaking its neck clear through, CRACK! "OOOOWWWWHHH!" he cried out. "I'm SO SORRY." Not five minutes later, the angel  was also dropped (onto the piano, ouch), legs also broken clean off. "OOOOWWWWHH NOOOOHHH!!" Sigh. Between his accidents and Annie's firm opinions about which ornaments could ONLY be touched by HER, we had a really great time. :) 

Back to the lovely leaves, please. Anyone want to try and form a metaphor here? You are loved? You gotta cherish it? 

Oh, I've got one.

Life (and all its lashings) makes one more mighty than one can imagine. Weathered is the new beautiful.

Happy December.


Ann Marie said…
I love the "weathered is the new beautiful". That way the glued nativity peaces are now beautiful. Love the heart leaves. Much better than icy roads.