Look who's back on the horse (I mean tennis court)

She teaches me things, this little one. We can do hard things, mama. Ants, schmants, mama. 

Pink sparkly shoes rule, mama.

Do it just like this, mama. That's right, mama. Maybe someday you'll be as good as me, mama.

As I reflect a little on this year (Young Women in Excellence tonight at church), I am beginning to realize a gradual change that's been happening between me and this little girl. I think we're actually friends now. 
Wow, when did I ever think I'd say that?
For instance, she'll come into the room and say in a sly voice, "Mom, are you thinking what I'm thinking?" I'm in the club, folks.

Annie, what a woman you are. Congratulations on overcoming your fears and going back to tennis. Thanks for giving me a chance, day after day. 
I'll forget the imperfect if you will.

(And friend Jake, thank you for capturing this little girl in a magical way I can only dream about at night. You rock.)


gaylene said…
I LOVE these pictures! so sweet :)
Stace said…
she's darling (and i think this EVERYTIME i read your posts). both of your kids are. hope to see you guys sometime...soonish :)

merry christmas to your clan in FL!