Black and white happy

It's funny what these kinds of pictures do to us. We sit around and gawk at our beautiful children.

We squeal at the dimple on the one and the new, BIG top front teeth on the other (so glad the gap is still present!).

In short, we marvel at their perfectness.


And then we remember that they are the same kids who drive us completely bonkers on a daily basis. 
Kids! Go play somewhere that isn't in here! We need a break from you! GO AWAY!
And they run away giggling. And no giggling!

A few minutes later, we hear #2 tell #1 "Zane, unpause the game, I got hurt!" And because of a recent, genius story from his pops about "turning down the waves" in the wave pool for the junior jedi (I'll have to expound later),  #1 waits patiently for the game to get un-unpaused. 

I'm so grateful for these wonderful pictures. :) And these radical children.
(Look, #1 is missing his left hand in the shot below. Zane!)

This week, through a series of unfortunate events (and because let's face it, he was on to us), Z got to be educated about the Santa secret. B did it during "Super Man Time" on the way home from Legoland. Z thought for a minute, then said, "Hmm. That makes sense. So do you guys go up and down the chimney or something?"

Then after a few minutes of silence, he told B, "Dad, thanks for telling me about Santa. Now I won't be so greedy." I weep.


Ann Marie said…
I love those kids - are you sure they aren't perfect? We like the parents to.
gaylene said…
I go up and down the chimney, isn't that how everyone does it? That was such a sweet story! (and beautiful pictures, of course)
Kjerstin said…
AMAZING, BEAUTIFUL, WONDERFUL pictures!!!!! The one with Annie on her tip toes kissing Zane...tears in my eyes! Love, love, love them.
Jenneka said…
I weep too. Big wonderful happy sigh.

Awesome pics, awesome post, you folks are just plain awesome