Thanksgiving 2011 (and 4 or so other random happenings too)

So, thanksgiving! Came! Went! I'd better start documenting the moments again, wouldn't you say? Even if I never did take pictures of our 2011 thankful tree? Or our 2011 reverent tree? Or the irreverent one? Next time, people.

For now, let's remember some of the best moments of the last couple of weeks.
Zane's been playing tennis this fall. When I asked him to pose for a picture, this is what I got:

So what I'm saying is he's really a ninja disguised as a tennis player. He's had a great (read: cheerfully patient) teacher (below), and he and his buddy have gotten better and better at it. Three cheers for no-contact sports!

Annie has also found a new love for tennis. Well, she had at least, until last week she came in too close of contact to this ant kingdom:

Yeah, she's done with tennis for awhile. :)

Speaking of critters that bring bad dreams, the other night I was walking down our hallway, and I spotted THIS beast:

Ugh, I get the heebie jeebies just looking at it. It was about the size of a silver dollar, and when I finally got that wide-mouthed bowl over it, it did laps around the interior. Heebie. Jeebies. Zane and I gingerly scooted it outside (manilla envelope slid ever-so-carefully underneath) and when we got outside, Annie promptly locked us both out. "But mom, I was PROTECTING MYSELF!"

Yeah, she's done with spiders for awhile. :)

Onto more Zane and sports. I so appreciate this little boy, and his ability to LOVE the moment. That smile.

The other day after church, Zane was nowhere to be found. We had already retrieved him from class, but he had disappeared. After a few minutes, we found him "hiding" out in the corner. When I explained to him how he wasn't allowed to actively try and hide from us, he countered back with, "But mom, if I don't practice now, how can I ever become a ninja?"

What am I supposed to say to that?

Thanksgiving was spent with GREAT company, GREAT food (pumpkin scones, pumpkin cheesecake, french-style chicken in a pot, bacon and cauliflower, lamb and roasted vegetables, cranberry walnut bread, etc), and only 47 crazy insane temper tantrums by the famous miss Annie pants. Actually, I'm blaming it on her panties LITERALLY being in a twist the day of (darn her stubborn insistence on dressing herself). Even still, we've since tried to enforce a new "3 strikes you're out" policy. When the concept was first explained to her, she thought for a moment then said, "Um, no thank you!" Sigh.

We spent a PERFECT morning at the beach on black Friday (I'll take turquoise water and dolphins over shopping any day, thank you very much), and by perfect, know that both kids were complaining to the point of tears within 10 minutes of our arrival. The water was too cold. The sand toys were unacceptable. We threw out a couple "OTHER KIDS WOULD DIE FOR THIS OPPORTUNITY"s and "YOU'LL ENJOY THIS MORNING OR ELSE"s, and things slipped right into place. The warming water helped. And the sand angels. Got a picture of the sand angels around here somewhere (hint hint, friend with a camera? thought you could stall my blogging forever did you?)...another post. I've got to remember my own camera one of these days. 

I came home wondering how we could live in such cramped quarters (3-level condos are immense) and how I could be such a dismal cook. Cleaned the house/rearranged the "pantry" to help with the first problem. Any advice on the second?

Oh, I've forgotten one thing. Thanksgiving weekend with the F-H family wouldn't be complete without a little strange cuisine mixed in, right? 

That's right folks. Happy Thanksgiving 2011.


Jenneka said…
Great post! I laughed so hard about Annie's panties being in a twist - I've been having similar issues with L & A but hadn't realized the irony of the double meaning until I read this - Ha ha!
Kjerstin said…
Hahahahahahahaha!!! Love it! All of it! Glad you had a good Thanksgiving...even with the panty issue :)