Halloween Happiness 2011

We were themed. Oh, were we ever themed. And by themed I mean everyone wore something awesome to the ward party except me. Because let's face it, I'm boring. Plus, we'd spent the day in Orlando and I wasn't in the mood to put on all the make-up needed to transform myself into Padme.

Besides, Padme didn't have the awesome "Luke, I am your father" line that Vader had. Brandon just couldn't resist.

You already know about the Leia costume happiness.

Then Monday night, our village had its annual party (not as great without you at the helm, Megan, but still good for the little kids), so we invited a friend/family for each kid, and were off.

Don't look now, but Zane turned to the dark side. 
(Note: the rest of these pictures were taken by our Jedi friend's dad. Awesome. Thank you, J!)

We finally snuck Annie in for a shot, but she was done with pictures by then.

"Mom, please we go home now and I sleep in my bed?" Actually, that quote happened Saturday night. Monday night, she was tired of pictures, but was all about the trick or treating that came next. In fact, she got very upset with her pops when he later gave away some of her candy to tardy trick or treaters. "Next Halloween, we don't share with ANYBODY." I'm so thankful for the lessons these kinds of holidays teach my children.


gaylene said…
Lucas's dad's pictures were amazing! It was a fun night :)
Debbie said…
The force is strong in your family. :) Maybe next year for Padme, huh? j/k That would be a lot of work. Belated Happy Halloween!