Beach day with Grandpa

Grandpa Ross came to town! They claim it's for a certain homecoming football game tomorrow, but I know the real reason. I needed {another} beach day. And Dale is very good at keeping his daughter-in-law happy. He arrived last night and within twelve hours we were able to whisk ourselves away to Crescent. Big, happy sighs.

Zane was set on boogie boarding. Except when we arrived, it was 68 degrees. Make that more like 50 with the wind blowing. And the wind was BLOWING.

We ate lunch in the sun of the picnic tables, the kids complained of being "freezing," then Zane remembered the boogie boarding and took off toward the beach. I caught him here looking longingly:

Sweet buddy. Even Florida gets too cold sometimes. (I seem to forget that, as I keep dragging us there in the winter months.)

We started by suggesting a nice walk down the DESERTED beach (empty!), but it only took Zane about one minute before he had to check the water temperature. 

He got soaked.

Annie was smarter. She enjoyed many warm moments in the BOB, then took her turn at kite flying.

This made her very happy.

Heather, your kite is remarkable. It's something we would have never bought, yet it is the awesomist beach activity ever. You've saved our family yet again. Thank you! Everyone else--Mary Poppins was right, let's go fly a kite!  

(Love this kid and his closed eyed, looking straight into the sun agreeableness.)

Actually, you don't need a kite. Just come.

So guess what, Zane still went boogie boarding. All by himself too, as the rest of us weren't crazy enough to follow him in. He caught about five waves, "woo-hoo"ing each time like only a seven-yr-old-in-heaven can do, then came in chattering like crazypants. Clothes on Zane! Bless his heart, he stayed away from the water after that. 

We all got a little inspiration in the form this little beach bird. Look, he only had one leg. Well,  he had two legs. But he only had one foot. That's a strong little beach bird foot right there. 

Oh, and what about this three-segmented-sea-something? It hinged on both ends of that middle piece.

I was capturing this little daddy-daughter moment:

when all of the sudden, the tide came IN! 

Ha! The joke was on us. That sneaky beach. 

After a second soaking, Zane was ready to peace out for the day. Annie, not so much. So, I left the big boys with the sand castle queen and ventured back to the car for some dry clothes and 'clone wars.' Annie would still be there digging if we would let her. Luckily, someone mentioned gelato and a transition was easily made.

Speaking of gelato: while enjoying her mango/grapefruit/chocolate peanut butter combination, Annie said, "You know what? (then pointing to each of us) 1-2-3-4-FIVE (to grandpa) is BETTER than 4!" Grandpa Ross is IN the club.

What a wonderfully wonderful day. Note to self: Zane needs a wetsuit! 

Today's happiness was dedicated to my family-in-Utah's cat, Frank, who passed away today. We think he was about 13 years old! (Christen, I think you brought him from Utah for Joseph's mission farewell). Frank (I found a good picture in this post) was a kitty who TRULY lived up to the adage of cats having nine lives. He almost left us a number of times, in a number of ways. But he always managed to come back from being lost, to snap out of sickness, to heal from various fight wounds, and to continue to be a loyal friend to all of us. He "spoke" instead of meowing, he had the coldest nose possible (and he knew how to use it at 5 in the morning), and he was just plain rad. 

My very favorite story of Frank is this: He had been lost for 10 days. My family was losing hope.  One night, Brandon and I had just broken up (we did that a lot) and he was dropping me off in my driveway. Brandon + breaking up = not happy Brandon.  :)  (Brandon just told me I had broken up with him, hence the sadness.) So we're saying goodbye, and Brandon sullenly looks up and says, "Hey, isn't that your cat?" I look out and there, waltzing up the driveway, was FRANK. "FRANK! FRANK! Brandon, you're RIGHT, it's FRANK! Oh Brandon, my family is going to be so happy! FRANK IS BACK! See you later Brandon, I have to go and tell everyone the good news!" I jumped out of the car, scooped up the cat, and ran inside. And apparently Brandon drove away. :) Oh, that was a happy night. And Brandon was the hero, and look! now he's a member of the family too. :)

Anyway, Frankie, rest in peace. Best. Kitty. Ever. 



gaylene said…
awww...I love the story of you and brandon and the cat :) I'm glad he's part of your family!
Lucky Day said…
I think that leg looks like a soft shelled crab. Apparently people eat them shell and all!

Feel free to borrow the kids wet suits any time.

Come visit us in our "living the high life" house!
Alyson said…
That's so funny about the sneaky tide. :) Sorry to hear about the cat and I'm so glad you kept Brandon!
Heather Bigley said…
That is Maryland blue crab leg, and it's hard by now. Soft crabs are in the spring, I believe.

I'm glad the kite makes everyone happy!