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First, a note about my last post. Another reason to enjoy the moment: the next moment might involve falling face first off the swing.
Just sayin'. 

Okay, onto today's post. Have you ever thought you knew everything about something, then new knowledge appears before you and you realize you know nothing, in fact?  Okay, so really, I don't know everything about most things. But I DO know almost everything about one thing: GREEN BEANS. they are green, they are beans. pole or bush. good steamed with butter. done. 

Now, enter our neighbor from Suriname He is a great neighbor, and even luckier for us, a GREAT farmer. A couple of days ago he knocked on the door and handed us these:

What in the world are THOSE? We asked.
Long beans.
Long beans?
Yeah, they're like green beans, but long.

:) Holy deena. Never heard of long beans in my whole life. Turns out, they're also great steamed with butter.

Thursday night I accompanied a gal for her masters vocal recital. It was intense. I will have to get into it another day. Hopefully I will even be able to include youtube proof. In the meantime, I'm so crazy glad it's over. Now I can move onto more exciting things, like sewing projects! :)

I saw these drawstring bags on my favorite blog. I have been wanting to use my girl-on-a-swing fabric for awhile, and this was a great excuse. Plus, we have thousands of toys that need hiding. I told Annie was I going to make her eight more of these.


(ps--go gators, and she did it herself this morning, I promise.)

And here's the start of my next quilt, just because I can. Also from my favorite blog. I love that Vermont lady.

Long beans, who knew?


Ann Marie said…
I have never, ever heard of long beans. How fun and delicious. also love the new projects - sorry about Annie's face plant.
camilynne said…
looking awesome. I'm jealous :) The colors are going to be so much fun - and we need about 20 of those draw string bags!
Greg said…
Ross Family, Greg Livingston here, I purloined your blog from Crystal, it's so good to know that you are well. Your kids are adorable! Just wanted you to know that I was in Rawlins yesterday and extended a calling and set apart a certain Brother Ross. What a great man. He is so proud of his son, daughter-in-law and grandkids! You've got some good genes Brandon!! Have a great day.
Debbie said…
Love your girl on the swing fabric, and the bag. Too bad the real girl on the swing had such an unfortunate accident. Also love your new quilt. Love it! Some of us may pretend to be crafty, but you are the real deal. :)
Ashley said…
Oh wow, the start of your quilt is gorgeous! Lovely fabrics - this is sure to be a wonderfully cheerful quilt! So glad you were able to put the tutorial to use! :)

(was having trouble commenting - hope this hasn't shown up multiple times now!)
Kjerstin said…
I've got some sewing projects piling up...wanna come out for a visit and we'll have a marathon sewing session? :)
Kathleen Barton said…
Thank you for your Christmas card. You are a beautiful family. It was very nice to see you at the reunion this summer.
Merry Christmas and best wishes for a great year in 2012.
Love, Uncle Dave and Chloe
dstone said…
Kathleen used my computer and I didn't realize she was still logged in when I wrote my note. Uncle Dave