A fall afternoon

Moments are fleeting. The other day I was out with swinging Annie, and I noticed the leaves were all falling off our one colorful tree. Falling, falling, falling. Ack! I must document this, I thought! Surely it will be easy enough to capture all those falling leaves.

Uh, yeah, not so much. So instead, we look at the ones already fallen, and the few yet to fall. This moment fleeting and yet somehow, captured.
Thank heavens for imperfect yet sufficient attempts.

I'm not making any sense, am I? :)

These colorful trees hide themselves among the others throughout the year, then POP out (SURPRISE!) for a week or two in brilliant yellows and oranges. It's almost better that way, because of the contrast. You really notice/appreciate the difference.

I have finally figured out why I wanted to write about this today. We are under water over here, applying and applying and applying for jobs, trying to figure out which is the right direction for us, for THE REST OF OUR LIVES. It's more than a bit daunting. And it really pulls us out of "today."

But on this particular day outside with Annie, it was as if the trees were lecturing me. Don't forget about today Michelle. This hour, this minute. Who cares about next August? Tomorrow, the leaves will all be gone.
 Pause, look, enjoy.

Annie already knows all about this. She's the one who asked me to come out and swing, after all.

Silly mom, needing trees to remind her how awesome warm, autumn afternoons are.


Kjerstin said…
You're making total sense. I have to repeat in my head "be here now, be here now" when my mind wants to fret about other things and I'm missing what's happening right in front of me. Beautiful pictures! Beautiful Annie!
Jenneka said…
Michelle, you always somehow know what I need to hear. Thanks for sharing these thoughts today. Thank you.