Last weekend during conference, I decided to undertake one of my "blog sidebar projects." After all, those projects have only been sitting there for over a year or so, right? No time like the present?

Annie's getting more interested in her ABCs, and our Thomas the Train alphabet puzzles were not cutting it. Apparently if you're not an obsessed fan (meaning you don't know the difference between Clarabel and Henry and Edward and on and on), using it to learn your ABCs isn't very effective. "Who is this, Annie?" "It's another train, mom!"

Anyway, I decided to dig in and make these plush alphabet magnets. Print out stencils, cut stencils, organize fabric (color spectrum, yay!), cut fabric, cut batting, trace stencil, sew letter (don't forget the magnets inside!), cut letter, apply fray block. Easy peasy! Plus, there's 8+ hours of Conference to enjoy!

Then Conference was suddenly over and they weren't done. I read down and saw that they took this gal about 3 hours to make. That was after I had spent 10+ hours on them, and was only on P. Sure, I had made things way harder for myself because I noticed that with many letters, more than one would fit on the square provided. Waste not want not = double the workload, michelle, great job! This is why it took me 10 more days to post about them. They may or may not have finally been finished yesterday.

Red, pink, orange, yellow, green, teal, blue, purple. Repeat.

Side note: I was showing Zane that we could use these letters for more than just learning the alphabet, for instance, piano practicing and C position.

"Look!" I said. "C D E F G!" He glanced at it and said, "Too bad it looks like O D E F O."

Ouch! Honesty hurts Zane, haven't you learned that yet?


Ann Marie said…
I think they are great! and they definitely are not just "another train".
Jenneka said…
That Zane - at least he isn't TRYING to hurt your feelings. That would be way worse, but still... I know how you feel. Anndra keeps pointing to my nose hairs and telling me I have 'spider webs' in my nose - sigh.
walt or jean said…
Have him try lock and ask him what he sees. There might be hidden meaning.
The Misses said…
he is the funniest kid ever! cracks me up. they look awesome though!!!!
Heather Bigley said…
holy cow. i just looked at that kaleidoscope quilt on your sidebar. can we make that together next summer?
in between you moving to nebraska and all?