Hey Capoeira!

Have you ever in your life heard of capoeira? I hadn't. Brandon sent along a message a couple weeks ago from our village announcing a capoeira class for the kiddies, and I of course dragged my feet. Leave our house, do we have to? Boy am I ever glad I got talked into it.

It is really cool. Singing, dancing, martial arts, and gymnastics all in one cohesive structure. Or at least as cohesive as it gets with a group of googly kids.

Not to mention the instructor is really fun to watch. And REALLY great with the kids. Annie is mortified of him, but does all the moves by me (handstands, back bends, leg-ups, etc) on the sideline. And when we saw the instructor at Chipotle last week, she whispered excitedly, "THERE'S MY TEACHER!!!!"

Zane is in heaven. The smile does not come off, the entire 60 minutes each week.

I need to try again with the pictures--my skills with the shade/lighting were really terrible.

But let's not concentrate on that right now. Instead, let's be Zane:



Katie said…
This is the coolest "sport"!! I worked with a guy who has done it for a long time, and it's so wonderful to watch- the strenght, the concentration and the group dynamic is so cool! So happy Zane (and Annie) are getting the chance to learn! What a great thing to offer to the kids!! Can't wait to see his moves!
Astyn said…
That is awesome....and can I say that would only happen in Florida student housing. Beautiful ain't it.
megfutbol said…
Lucky Zane! You should know that Borracha is arguably one of the best capoeira mestres in the US now, and little old Gainesville ranks up there with New York and a few other major urban centers as the best capoeira programs nationwide. I will always regret not getting Kieran involved while we were there (though he was too young). He's loving karate now, but it's just not as cool as capoeira.
D.B. said…
Fun, I've heard of it, only because of this movie: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W-C03hEmqO8