Fall Festival 2011

Friday night was Zane's school party. We only had eight other things to do that day. 

Easy peasy lemon skeezy, as Annie would say.

Plus, I somehow signed up to "help" with the cotton candy booth. So I had to let Brandon loose with Annie, and Zane found some wonderful friends to chill with.

About 40 minutes later a replacement for me showed up (thank you faulty popcorn maker! instant double volunteers!), so I was able to join the fun. And by fun I mean I had to pry Z away from his friends, make him eat a fast dinner, then bust it around trying to use up his tickets because I had to be somewhere 17 minutes later. Friday was too busy. Zane was a good sport. Some pictures here to compare with last year:

Hurry Z, hurry!! Here he is with that fantastic friend...

Although if you're ever at my house, you're more likely to see them like this:

 I love how Vader is so obedient to my "look over here!" in the dueling picture. Well hello, Vader. 

Sorry, back to the festival. Z had much success at the ring toss, but he loved the bounce house most. In fact, in the spring I think I'm going to let him use all his tickets on the bounce house. Or at least I'm not going to plan other things before and after the festival, so he can actually enjoy himself meandering slowly through the other booths. There was no time to wait in the cotton candy line. Ironic, since I had been in contact with cotton candy for much of the evening.

Many of you know about the infamous "S" from his kindergarten class. Rhymes with "kadie." Well, early in the night, she and a couple other gals found Z and his friend and completely mobbed them. Hugest grins ever, from both attackers and attackees. When Brandon asked Zane what that was all about, he said, "Well, for one reason, they did it because I'm so cute."

So cute.

About the time that the ring toss was over, Annie showed up looking like this. She had seen Albert, and immediately declared, "I don't like him. Please we go home now?"

So away they went. We followed shortly thereafter.

Hey, here's proof that I had good reason to rush the kids at the festival. The gal below me in pink turned 13! Party! I would name each of these women and tell you incredible things about them, but then they might stop sending me pictures of our festivities. Just know they are rockstars and it was a radical evening with them. We watched "Soul Surfer" and all the grownups bawled through the whole thing.

The young ones think we're so goofy.

And apparently, while I was away my young one got to stay up and watch Clone Wars with his dad after his little sister went to sleep. The day was thus remembered as a good one. :) Phew.

Today was much more chill. Thank you, General Conference. Peace out!