Another thing Annie says right now is "skushed." Rhymes with "pushed." 

As in, "Mom, be careful, you almost skushed my bah bah guy!" 

Speaking of baa baa, he has a new friend: pah pah! Okay, so we've had him since summertime. Still, he's important.

Annie is so animated lately. We play 'go fish' and she says "do you have the saggy baggy elephant?" then when I give it to her, she screams and shakes her arms, "THE SAGGY BAGGY ELEPHANT! I GOT A MATCH!!" Then it's my turn and I ask for the pokey little puppy. She smirks (think duck-face) and says, "no--I mean GO FISH!" And on and on. And when it's over: "Oh, I just LOVE 'go fish!' It's my FAVORITE. GAME. EVER!"

Glad I can do more than just almost skush her bah bah guy. Annie, you are my FAVORITE. GIRL. EVER.


walt or jean said…
Okay... I'm jealous Michelle.
I wish I could play go fish with the cutest girl ever! That saggy baggy elephant sounds fantastic.
Does pah pah still sound like a machine gun when you "skush" it's stomach?
And what about tangled? Do you still dance to the credits?
Apparently I miss you guys...
But I Love this post. :)
Love, Emmygirl
Heather Bigley said…
i miss the saggy baggy elephant.
megfutbol said…
I've been out of the blog loop for a while (darn grad school!) but love coming back for an update on your fam. It's lovely to hear you beam with such love about your little girl. She's obviously been blessed with your love since day one, but I do remember a time when we might say that her strong personality hadn't yet settled into the happy girl who has blossomed with all your loving care (and patience!) I'm happy for you that your days can be a bit easier, although for the record I hope that Annie retains a good helping of spunk forever!