Annie's faked birthday (that sounds bad, doesn't it?)

Okay, so Brandon was going to be out of town for Annie's real birthday. Dang those bi-annual academic conferences (he thinks this will likely be a pattern for mid-October). Therefore, we planned an alternative "birthday" at the beach, which was supposed to happen last weekend.

Then we woke up Saturday morning and it was raining on the entire state of Florida. Boo. No beach day.
And if any of you know me, you know I'm not exactly good at spontaneous fun. 

Thank heavens for now-four-year-olds. "We can just make party hats have a party and open presents, mom!" You're going to love these hats we came up with:

Oh, I love my kids. Did it matter that we used Christmas wrapping? NO!
Did it matter that my idea of a homemade hat is somewhere between a dunce cap and the kkk? NO! (Are you allowed to write kkk on mommy blogs?)

Oh, I love those kids.

After presents, we jogged/biked to the store for cupcakes (GATOR BLUE AND ORANGE, Annie's choice) and other supplies, and got home within moments of a downpour that lasted a good couple of hours. It was those party hats, I know it. The rain gods chuckled and had mercy on us.

Next, we ate cupcakes. Enough said about that.

(Did it matter that her party dress is my sister Emily's from ten years ago, with rips and all? NO!)

Can you tell Annie's favorite part of the cupcake?

It took her 40 minutes to lick off all that blue frosting. Gross and a half.

After the rain cleared, we snuck outside for some kite flying. We had neighbor boys out flying with us, 3 kites in all, but it's Annie's birthday post, so I'm focusing on her happiness this time.

This might have been the happiest moment of her day. Thank you 60 cent party favor kites from another birthday party the weekend before. Amazingly functional. So fantastic.

So that was her day. We watched movies and play games (and Zane made sure to add "actually it's not" any time we mentioned that it was her birthday, poor guy's he's too honest for his own good), and were just so thankful to be dry. We're saving the beach party for another weekend.
Since Saturday, Annie has received fun boxes in the mail from multiple nice people. Here she is with some of her favorite new treats:

She puts the play dough away by HERSELF, can you believe it? I think this is going to be a really great year.

And finally:

Do I even need to say it, Mrs. Potato Head has joined the family. Could you tell?

Thank you to all of you who called on her real birthday, only to have her say, "It's not my birthday!" We'll warn you next year.


Alyson said…
Just tell Annie that we were late calling her for her birthday. Hope you got our message!
Ann Marie said…
That Annie-girl sure knows how to party. (You were right on about the blue frosting)
Astyn said…
Annie's hair is so dang long. Impressive. What is it with Publix using permanent dye in it's food. Seriously. Do you need so much? Emery once had black frosting that made his lips gray for 2 days.

The hats are totally awesome.
camilynne said…
Sounds like a great day! I love birthdays. Nice work on the alphabet too. I forgot to comment on that one earlier. Is Annie loving them?