Oh, seven. Seriously, how did that happen? Seven years ago today, Zane BURST into the world (no holding back, 2 hours of labor, done). Thankfully, today was much more calm than that [early] morning.

Except for when there were eleven children (+ 3 dads) in our front room. It's 150 square feet. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

We were going to have a pool party (because let's face it, what's easier than a pool party?) but yesterday the forecast was saying RAIN and COLD for this morning. So, we took deep breaths, explained the situation to Zane, asked if we could hold a lego building/wii party instead, and laughed when he said, "Yeah, besides, THAT SOUNDS LIKE MORE FUN ANYWAY." 

So even though we woke up to BLUE skies this morning (double deena to you,, plan B was in full swing, and over before lunchtime.

But I'm getting ahead of myself again. First, here's a funny. We woke up to Annie crying about 7:30. Brandon got up to see what was going on, and Zane squeaked out, "I'm sorry, I'm sorry! I just woke Annie up because I thought she'd want to wish me a happy birthday!" while Annie screamed, "I DON'T WANT TO BE AWAKE."


We vacuumed and blew up balloons (5, left over from who knows when), and our guests arrived at 9am and you'll never guess what but they had a blast. Thank you legos.

And thank you wii.

We also had ninja games and balloon games and to finish it all off, we ate THIS cake.

It was a surprise for Z (the idea came from a friend who's had an R2-D2 cake pan in the family for 30+ years, it was incredible, and the fancy frosting skillz came from another fancy friend..I am a lucky gal)
and when he saw it, he giggled, delightedly. "IT'S AN R2-D2 CAKE! HOW DID YOU EVER?!" Made my life. 

We sat outside (had to move the table into the SHADE because of the heat. I was seriously in jeans and long sleeves-- I have forgotten where I live) and ate cake and ice cream at 10:46 am. Many happy children (besides maybe the little guy up front. :) I think he was watching an ant climb up the tablecloth en route to attack the cake. sure michelle.):

Later, Z revelled in his new gifts (including this homemade and completely radical JEDI costume):
Then his pops took him out for 'man time' while us gals napped. Birthday parties, they'll take it out of you. Especially when that cold that barely went away but has been haunting you comes creeping back.

Zane did not miss us, especially since when he got home, THIS was waiting:

I. cannot. believe. how. much. money. lego. sets. cost. Z has been saving his money since spring, so luckily I had his help with it. Still, good gracious.

He worked on it all afternoon until his final event of the day: gator football.

He just got home, and promptly went into his room and turned the light on. You know, in the room he shares with Annie now. He claims it was to see his beloved Garmadon's palace once more (he even seemed a little sheepish when he realized it); apparently, birthdays are all about waking your sister from her restful slumber. "I don't WANT TO BE AWAKE!"

Sigh. Did we make it? Is it over? Is he happy? Is he REALLY SEVEN YEARS OLD? 

In Annie's prayers tonight, she talked all about Zane's party, then said, "And thank you my birthday party will be at the BEACH." She's onto something. Still, lego/wii parties are pretty rockin' too.


Ann Marie said…
So sorry we missed Zane's party - can we come to the beach with Annie?