Positive Thinking

We were in the car today, discussing Annie's upcoming birthday.
Annie asks, "And when I have a birthday, I can change car seats, right mom?"
"Yes, Annie, you get to switch to a booster seat!" I say, feigning excitement.
"You mean my old booster seat?" Zane asked. We just switched him to a backless booster last week.
"Yes, your AWESOME old booster seat," I reply.
"Actually, it's not that awesome." Zane mutters to himself.
I react: "Zane, I really need you to start being more positive about things."
He replies, "But mom, I AM being positive! I am POSITIVE that booster seat is NOT THAT AWESOME!"

See Michelle, he IS being positive. Sigh.

The other best part of the ride home today: Zombie Annie (head resting sideways on the seat, eyes glazed over) rockin' some air violin to Coldplay's 'Viva La Vida.' She was TIRED, yet extremely committed. She loves the violin part.


Ann Marie said…
We decided at work that Zane may grow up to be a brillient commedian. That is just too funny.