Passed by an alligator on my run this morning, and other things

Actually, that happened a few days ago, but I didn't want to upset my mother-in-law on her birthday.

Foggy morning, BRIGHT ORANGE BALL OF FIRE saying 'you go girl,' and an alligator.  Pretty awesome.

So, on a run since then, I realized a weird thing about me. I like to run to a beat (not weird), and I noticed I always run so my RIGHT foot is on the downbeat. You know, my right foot/side that always gives me issues with IT band stuff. I noticed the pattern 3/4 of the way through the run, and for the rest of the time, I tried to switch to the left side. Guess what, it felt REALLY WEIRD. Could this be part of the problem? Wouldn't that be crazypants if it were? Makes me want to go out again and see. But not until tomorrow, at least. :)

Next: yesterday, I was commuting by bike to a vocal class I was accompanying for, and Brandon and I passed on the street. I had the bike with the newly hooked up bike trailer (a new tradition for me and annie and tuesdays, and you better believe you'll have to hear about it/see pictures another time), and I'm sure I was looking heavily laden. "Michelle! You wanna switch bikes?" Bless that Brandon. For switching bikes, and for having the same-lengthed legs as his wife. And bless this life we lead, where we can commute by bike. I {heart} huffing and puffing.

Finally, I just got a new oven. A burner was out on the old one, I filled out a maintenance request, and now I have a {free} new replacement. I'm really going to miss this student housing set-up. (PS--I only recently learned about this awesomeness--when we first moved here, I lived for months/maybe years with a duck-taped hole in my shower. I just thought they would get to it when they could get to it. Now, I speak up.)

Today is a pretty good day. :)


Alyson said…
I continue to try not to envy you. Not the crazy run, not the alligator, but commuting by bike. Way cool!
Lucky Day said…
Aren't you left handed? In a group marching setting people keep the beat in their left foot. It has to do with wanting to push off with your dominant side. That's my theory anyway and you know I love to put those out like they are real...