I'm not even going to make you guess where we spent the day

Today was another lovely trip to my favorite place on the planet.

I just wrote up an extended paragraph on the history of me and "the beach." Boring. Instead, here is the fun:

Today's highlight? Body boards. Making today also known as THE BEST DAY OF ZANE'S LIFE.

At first, he needed his pops to give him a little push:

Then about 2 minutes later, it was on.

And on.

And on.

He just started catching waves. Paddling up, turning around, kicking, and catching, all the way in. Later that morning, he said to me, "A little more practice and I'll basically be a professional."

We are moving to the beach.

We by chance met up with some other G'ville-ians, making our day even that much more fun. Why surf alone when you can surf with a friend?

(Did I mention the waves were ABSOLUTELY PERFECT for body boarding today? Holy deena.)

(Love the above shot because of all the others I have to compare it to. Girlfriend's growing up!)

Good, good day.


Astyn said…
Just catching up on your blog. What a fun summer. I am completely jealous of the beach, that is one of the things I miss most about Gainesville. I am glad that someone is basking in the joy of the beach.

Much love.
bummed about you not coming to Nauvoo, but totally understand. Plus I always thought it was a super long drive for such a short stay.
Ann Marie said…
It looks like a perfect day. The waves look a little deep for my liking though, however with an almost professional you don't have to worry about that. I loved comparing pictures of Annie. She is indeed growing up. Is that good or bad ... hum?
Brenny said…
Beautiful. I feel like I was right there with you. Thanks for that mini-vacation! If only I could have felt the sand and rode a few of those waves myself... Sigh.