Annie's current influences

I never really got princess Aurora. Seriously, the gal was a bit wishy washy, was she not? Remember her interaction with the prince after they sang and danced as strangers? He says to her, "When can I see you again?" and she replies dismally, "Oh never! NEVER!" He tries again, "How about tomorrow?" And she says, "Oh about TONIGHT?!" hmm. Mixed messages, Briar Rose. Not sure I want my daughter hearing that message.

At least that's how I felt until I had a similar interaction with my own Briar Rose this morning:
"Annie, it's time for a shower!"
"No mom, I NEVER want to take a shower! Not till next YEAR MOM!"
"Okay, how about tomorrow then?"
"NO MOM.....I think TONIGHT!"

This influence might not be so bad after all.

Sure, the words "tomorrow" and "tonight" mean nothing to her, same as "in 5 minutes (right away)" verses "in 8 minutes (hours)." Still, I'm not sure I can dis AS vehemently.

And speaking of heavy princess influencing, Annie came to me this morning (just as I was thinking of writing this post--real time blogging folks!) and said, "Mom, I have a secret. I cut my hair. Like Tangled." Oh dear. Sure enough, at the base of her chin, there is shorter hair than there was yesterday. Goodness gracious, who knew preschool scissors were capable of such things? THANKS A LOT, TANGLED. (Luckily it was a mini-fistful. Em, remember when you cut your BANGS to the STUBS?)

Regardless: that's it, only Princess Leia and Xena the Warrior Princess for Annie from now on. Yes, I am aware of their wardrobes. We'll cross that bridge when it comes.

**She's doing math over lunch with her daddy. She keeps saying to him, "This is goin a blow your MIND." At least disney princesses aren't the only people she imitates. ***


walt or jean said…
So this is em...

May I just say, I cut my bangs because grandpa told me he couldn't see my eyes. I'm glad to hear that Annie cut her hair so she wouldn't have to use it to heal mother Gothel anymore. Way to go Annie! :)

p.s. I couldn't fall asleep the other night because I was singing "Want something that I want, something that I tell myself..." hahaha

Lets face it, Tangled will always and forever be apart of our life.