Zane continues to amaze me every day

The other night at dinner, Zane bites hard into something and says, "Oh deena! I think my TOOTH wants to come out." He shows me his tooth. Grossest picture ever:

"Double deena, you're right!" I yell. "Come here, let me yank on it!"
So he comes here. And I yank on it. And he laughs. Nothing.
"Go let your dad yank on it!" So he walks over to Brandon. Brandon pulls HARD. And Zane laughs.
Then, my mom suggests he TWIST it.
"Hey, you're right I think!" he says. "Pops pushed it over far enough and" CRACK! "Hey, I got it! It twisted right out!" More laughter. Lots of blood. Big gap of happiness.

This kid is remarkable.


megfutbol said…
I offered to yank on Kieran's loose tooth a couple of months back, and for the next 24 hours he'd scream and run away from me if I got close! I guess Zane is a bit more daring! Kieran let his tooth hang by a thread until he literally breathed on it hard enough to knock it out! (Not sure how much he ate for those 2-3 days!)
Heather Bigley said…
one of the grossest things i've witnessed was an 8 year old getting teeth pulled by the dentist. she was medicated so no sweat for her. i thought i was going to vomit. that gap filling with blood is terrifying.