There's hope for our children

This phone-photo is for all you folks out there who think we're no fun. Look carefully..

See, stars wars pancakes! We are fun! Sure, they were a gift, we never would have thought to get them ourselves, even with a crazed fan in the family. Still..our kids think we are out-of-this-world cool, and we can't help but agree with them.

ps--We are home! I'll do a bit of a backtrack or two post-wise, but from now on, when you think of us, include mossy trees, humidity, and student housing. except, include air-conditioning this time, because we moved downstairs, and our life is already exponentially better. oh, and also include the beach, because we've already been twice since we returned.


Ann Marie said…
Wow, Eating Darth Vadar - what fun - wonder what Yoda tastes like? Did Darth Vadar scare another tooth out of Zane?
Lucky Day said…
You really should live at the beach. It's the bomb.

I feel guilty if there is a week that I don't go twice.

Last Saturday we went out in the face of thunderhead clouds and let the kids ride the boogie board in 5 times then went home. The only thing that could make it any better would be good friends with a lot of musical ability.
Ginger said…
Tell me that you don't feed your kids carrots for breakfast!

Or maybe you had breakfast (and vegetables) for dinner?

Hee hee
Kes said…
Haha. I was just gonna say that the fun of Star Wars pancakes was negated by the carrots. :p

Not really, just teasing you. Star Wars pancakes look like fun!