Our sleepy 1st grade jedi master

Here's our Zaneman, sleepy as can be yesterday at 6:56am (one minute earlier than usual!), ready for school. Can you believe that backpack? Goodness gracious.

The night before, in preparation for the new year ahead, Brandon was trying to teach Zane about how to deal with bullies. He was talking particularly about how Zane had the power to protect other people from being treated badly, by his words and actions. Brandon explained, "You know how Jedi are the protecters of the universe? Their first job is to keep the peace. They look out for the little guys. When someone is causing trouble, they go in and try to talk peace first. You can do that too!"

A lightbulb went off, then Zane said, "Oh, so you mean I should use Jedi mind tricks?"

The parents in the room smiled. "That's right Zane. Jedi mind tricks. Just use Jedi mind tricks on the bullies, and all will be well."

Thank you, Star Wars, for helping us teach life's lessons.


Debbie said…
Jedi mind tricks! I'll have to remember that one. Thank you Zane for another awesome quote.
D.B. said…
Good to know, I was just thinking about bullies this morning too as I dropped off our new kindergartner. Dang society, here's hop'n.