Mt. Timp Loop

Last weekend, my dad wanted to drive the Timpanogos loop. I'm always game for enjoying nature without actually getting out of the car, so we threw my kids in the car and set off.

Annie had had enough before we got to the Ranger station at the bottom of the mountain. You know, the one 10 minutes from my parents' house. "I want to go home. Where's Gigi?"

But we distracted her with made up names for trees and rocks and flowers, and windows rolled down, and counting kamakaze bikers. (wow, those people are brave. or foolish, can't decide which.)

Zane did pretty well too. (I don't think he could believe how CLOSE we were to the edge of a CLIFF! He kept saying my dad should steer the car RIGHT, so we could ROLLER COASTER down the mountain!), That is, until about 3/4ths of the way around, when he finally asked, "Hey, where are we going anyway? And when are we going to arrive wherever we're going?"

And that's when I had to break it to him that we had already passed where we were going, really (to see the old quakies, pictured below via drive by photographing), and now we were on our way home. We had already arrived, and he'd, well, he'd kinda missed it.

This did not go over well.

"What on earth? Why did we even COME if we didn't actually GET anywhere?"

This, added with Annie's car sicky "My tummy hurts guys! I want to go HOME! Where's Gigi?!," really made the trip awesome. :) It's like I always say: why have one kid crying when you can have TWO!?

Thank heavens for dvd players.

And for ginormous waterfalls at the mouth of Provo canyon. We arrived somewhere. We got out. Phew.

Thanks dad, for a lovely, uneventful ride! Glad we didn't roller coaster off the edge, thank you very much.


Lucky Day said…
isn't that bridal veil falls?
it is it is, although I'd like to rename it "saved michelle's life because it's a destination" falls. :)
Tina said…
I like the quakies pictures- a painting Grandpa? We need some mountain love out here.
Ann Marie said…
That Zane - he makes me laugh. Did the tooth fairy get him an Ipad?