First Grade Highs and Lows

Well, folks, we have some bad news. Z moved down the behavior chart today at school. He laughed too hard (read: loud) at a joke, apparently. 10 minutes on the wall at recess. He's sure he's a failure.

I'm a little heart broken for him. "I guess I'm going to know what getting on Orange (call home) or Red (move to the office) feels like now," he says. Kinda like, "Well, I WAS going to be successful in life, but now it's all over." Poor buddy.

I must admit, I feel a little like asking, "Seriously Mrs. 1st grade teacher? It's the second week of school, and you're already making them sit on the wall at recess? Recess is the only good thing ABOUT school at this age, don't you know? Plus, my kid is one of the nice ones, don't you know? DON'T YOU KNOW?!"

But alas, I'm trying to be a grown-up.

Don't be too alarmed, kind defenders of Zane, there's good news here and there too. For instance, the student teacher's last name rhymes with Beyonce. How lucky is that?

Any advice on how to let go? Zane thought we could just "go back to Gigi's house..."
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When Isaac was in kindergarten he was sent to the office at least 6 times. (the reasons were very similar to Zane's.) I found that just going in to the teacher and talking works with most, (not in all cases i.e said kindergarten teacher) but after that I learned how two talk to teachers.
(By the way I really think that a child laughing is a lousy reason to take away recess.)
Good luck!
Ann Marie said…
Poor Zane. I wanted to protect him from real life forever. Hope today goes better.
Lillie said…
I just blogged about first grade. I loved this... I wish I could be surrounded by dear friends in my boat right now. Thanks for blogging! don't you know mine's one of the nice ones?!

I love it.