feeding the ducks

One morning we snuck away to a nearby pond for some duck feeding adventures. (Is snuck seriously not a word? What is the alternative for snuck? sneaked? we sneaked away? no way.)

Here are the ducks. One of them is not like the others, can you see it? Look carefully. Not at feather color either, come on, we're all brothers and sisters here.

You guessed the weird one. The extraordinary haired one. And not necessarily in a good way extraordinary.

Kinda like someone else I know.

Wow Michelle, what is WITH your hair?

I got a haircut yesterday.

This post is so you can see why.

On the way out, we found a bag of old fruit loops. One duck in particular seemed to take a liking to them. We wondered what his afternoon would be like. "I LIKE FRUIT LOOOOOOOPS!!!"


Lucky Day said…
When I saw that picture it made me laugh because we have that same wacko haired duck here in St. Augustine. It must be some random gene that brings it out. Or that Duck is a stalker and after seeing you here for G's Bday, it has followed you. Yeah, that is the more likely explanation.