Ha! Brandon told me my last post was too negative. Too down in the dumps. He claims it wasn't that big of deal. Says it's good for a boy to test/find his limits sometimes. "Didn't you ever mess up in school?" he asks me. "Well, uh, no..." I reply. Then we laugh collectively at who we married.

What's more, he tells me that the "rhymes with beyonce" thing wasn't going to be enough to cheer us all up. :) drats.

Anyway, I sang Z a little of this song today while we were eating breakfast and scripturing (okay, so I only know the chorus, you know "it's a new day....it's a new day....it's a new day.." etc. I'll work on it.) and if nothing else I got some giggles from the little guy.

It's a new day.

ps-- will. i. am. is my secret boyfriend. Here's another favorite, brought again to my attention just lately. Too bad when I print out these blog posts into books, I can't bring the youtube videos along.