Yoda Soda

Remember how we're obsessed with jedis and wookies and padawans and siths over here? Well, Grandma the librarian com-PLETE-ly hooked Zane up with, wait for it, a STAR WARS COOKBOOK to try while we're here.

Believe it. Things like han-burgers and jedi juice pops, greedo's burritos and jabba jiggle. And our favorite to date, YODA SODA:

Sure, yoda soda is just lime juice, sparkling water, sugar, and rainbow sherbet. That doesn't make it ANY LESS AWESOME. Especially to a star wars crazed 6 year old. And 3 year old. And their grandma. (Notice the "Yo-DA!" effect from two pictures):

This morning, Grandma outdid herself again by attempting C3PO pancakes. Zane was in love:

Next up, Bobba Fett-ucini and, well, I'll let you see the Wookie Cookies for yourself:

May the force (and the goodies) be with you, young padawans! (Poor Zane, reading this later and rolling his eyes at my futile attempts to "get it.")


Ginger said…
We've gotten that book at the library before. We only tried one recipe. It was a malt with Darth Vader on the picture I think. Everyone hated it and refused to finish theirs.

This week we are trying out a cookbook supposedly written by sesame street characters.