We keep things from our children. Like Easter baskets. They don't know about Easter baskets. Or like trick-or-treating. Brandon calls us "slow adopters" to trick-or-treating.

In this case, I'm talking about fireworks. Zane has never seen them in person. Never known they existed. Zip, zilch, nada. Come on people, they're dumb! And pricey! And dangerous! (You shout back, "Boo Michelle, Boo! Let the kid live a little!")

Well, we decided to bust out some sparklers last Saturday night (read: my mom bought them without telling me and brought them home and I had no choice in the matter). And really, I should say Saturday early evening. Because it was 6:30 so that he could still go to bed at a normal time.

We keep things from our children.

Well guess what folks, he was MESMERIZED. First he couldn't figure out why all the adults were holding fire sticks, then he REALLY couldn't figure out why we handed him one and said, "Go on, wave it around, RUN with it," etc. Then he caught on (especially when prompted with "Just use it like a light saber!"):

After they were done, Zane said, "You know what would have been EVEN COOLER? If we had waited and done that AFTER DARK!"

Happy fourth! I actually have a MOVIE of this whole sparkler action I might post later (wait for it), plus some pictures of our morning brunch group on the real fourth.

And I'll tell you about how on the night of the 4th, after I'd put Zane to bed, he came out tearfully and said, "Mom, I see more of those sparklers going on outside my window, and I'm afraid you forgot to tell me about them," after which I let him stay up, go outside, and enjoy the crazy fireworks of neighborhood, after which he EXPLODED WITH HAPPINESS.


Stace said…
that last picture of zane is just priceless! it deserves a frame!
I agree! it needs to be published.
Lucky Day said…
I'm a fan of keeping things from kids. I'm also a fan of your kids.
Heather Bigley said…
i understand easter baskets and trick or treating and even christmas trees and stockings and can wrap my brain around birthday parties before the age of 6. but sparklers? michelle...

PS. i told this story to K and he told me a sad story about how his parents had no idea what st. patricks day was and in 1st grade the entire class pinched him until he started to cry. eventually the teacher intervened and pinned a green paper clover leaf on his shirt.
Megan said…
I just got caught up on blog're in the neighborhood! Are you still around?
Kjerstin said…
My kids have never done sparklers, and they're turning out okay...and they're way older than your kids. And now I'm feeling kind of bad, maybe I've deprived them too much? Oh well, I agree that the black and white picture is a keeper!