Sledding on July 14th

What did you do today?

We're visiting Brandon's folks in Rawlins for the week. Wyoming is awesome, and here's one great example: if you go high enough, there WILL be snow for sledding. Even in the middle of July.

Annie found the secret to happy summer snowness: make a snowball, throw it at Grampa, put hands in pockets to warm up, repeat.

Zane loved it, reveled in it, got soaked in it, wept in it, swore it off forever, then asked when we could go again.

On the way home, we stopped for ice cream (all except yours truly who needed a little hot chocolate to warm up--I'm from Florida, after all).

Best. Sledding. Ever.


Carolyn said…
Only in Wyoming! Ha ha.
hayley and eric said…
i love that brandon is wearing shorts. and annie/zane only have hoodies. and that brandon's parents have no jackets!
gotta love the western U.S.A.
That is awesome. I have to say, that this is the craziest year I can ever remember in all my years living in WY. It makes for fun memories.
Ginger said…
Holy Crap, I miss that kind of stuff.
Astyn said…
That is so amazing. What a fun July activity!! It looks like your trip is awesome....and I really love the star wars cook book. Zanes face with those pancakes is priceless. Love it.