The shed of 2011

Brandon likes to build things at his parents' house. Sure, maybe his parents request his help, so it's not entirely his idea to begin with. But once he hears word of the next project, he takes off with it.

And then he builds them extremely large things.

Enter, the shed:

We figured out it's bigger than our bedroom in G'ville.

It took most of three days (with Lindsay to the roof rescue on Saturday. I pounded about 3 nails and got tired....wimpy!) and Dale will still have to shingle the roof and paint the exterior (put up trim too, right?) but it appears to be wind proof and rain proof, so hooray.

And whenever work got tough/the project seemed overwhelming, I hear they told themselves, "At least it's not the DECK":

That beast was built a few years ago. I pounded more than 3 nails that time. We all HAD to in order to finish on time.

That Brandon of mine, he builds big things. He'll build a big mud house in your backyard if you want him to. Wait a minute, that was just MY backyard.

Here are a few more pictures, summing up our happy Rawlins trip (including the books at grandma's library we have to remember to check out NEXT year (she works there, hence the pictures and the many hours spent there)):

Thanks for such a wonderful trip! Can't wait to see what gets built next time.


Ann Marie said…
Forget about building - next visit we are going to Yellowstone! Its a pretty big place so Brandon can have that big feeling without all of the work.