Happiness and more quotes

I have been avoiding the computer. It feels great, actually, like saying "no more!" and looking away from a staring contest that's been going on for many weeks and months. Deep breaths. The faces of my children and my parents and my hot little sister. Exhaling. Book reading. Beauty. I'm as happy as a 4 year old with a dimple coming down a slide:

(Thanks for the pictures, Nick! Kj, can't wait to add yours!)

Some funnies from this week:
Zane: Grampa, I've been thinking, and I've realized that the only way I'm going to get an iPad is if you buy me one.

Annie, after a bit of teasing from my dad: I don't think so, Walt.

Zane (who must have overheard his sister earlier): The next time we visit grampa, I'm probably going to call him Walt.

Also Annie: Mom, wanna see me play catch with bampa? See, we got glubs!

Annie, to whoever will listen (keep in mind Brandon is still in Florida until next week): You know my dad? I tell my dad, "I will miss you," and my dad tells me, "I will miss you too." Yeah, (giggle) we both love ourselves.

I have been able to reconnect with some wonderful old (young!) friends this week, reminding myself what a blessing friendship is. Kudos to you strong, beautiful ladies. (Plus, a few pictures when I can find my camera.)

Signing off for now! Smoothies and yoga and SLEEP, oh my!


Kjerstin said…
I just got the pics loaded on my computer and I'll get them to you ASAP. My favorite so far is the series of about 17 in which Annie is flipping me off. I'm pretty sure she's trying to sign something (once she said she was signing "no"...maybe too much camera time?). They don't quite compare with Nick's 85mm awesomeness, but they're still pretty dang cute! :)
Ann Marie said…
Love the quotes. Annie is growing up too fast. Maybe Walt will by me an ipad too.
Nick said…
kjerstin i want access to your blog :)