B's immediate family's Family Reunion

We spent a day with Brandon's folks, sisters/their families, and grandma Tilly a couple of weeks ago. We bbq-ed and played at a park in the early afternoon, came home to Aly's for Popsicles and rests, then headed to a fun swimming menagerie (seriously, it was more than a pool) for the late afternoon/evening. We ate yummy italian dinner thanks to Brad, then snuck in some pie before we headed back to my parents'.

Here are lots of pictures! Go Brandon's family, 2011!

(Can you believe these beauties?)

(Family picture! We only used my camera for the shot [it's a bit fancier than the rest, but that doesn't mean I know anything about it! Double deena!], and it came out sloped {wait, that was the hill that sloped, Michelle} and a teensy bit yellowish green. This is my best attempt to fix it in Picasa. B's family, we'll send it to some experts for a hopefully better colored finished product.)

Grandma Tilly! A wonderful wonderful woman. Strong, able, inspiring!

Happy camping chair sitters..

Bocce Ball players

Four Generations, and the newest member of the family. Congrats, Hil!

The frisbee players

Alyson and two of her five (look, they smiled! don't tell them!)

Brad, Alyson, and 4 of their 5 playing KOOB. I'm noticing a pattern of not being able to capture all the boys..

Ashley, Derek, and their cuties (that includes you, Tilly!)

More of KOOB. Best new addition to the family reunion. Although I was terrible at it, don't tell my ego. Do you like how I captured the moving wooden cylinder and the still, attractive game players? Totally on purpose.

B got loooooong with his frisbee throws. How many frisbee throws will be captured on my blog when it's all said and done, do you think?

Look, we gained a family member. Could it be Alyson's 5th?

Mother and daughter. Lovely, humble ladies. (Both looked behind them at the exact same time when I bent down to take this picture. In unison, they said, "I just wondered who's picture you were taking!")

When we went to set the table for dinner, Ann Marie said, "I THINK WE HAVE 23! Eleven adults, twelve kids!" Good gracious. I think Derek on the right over there in red captures the happy chaos of the meal.

What a fantastic time! We love our people! (Oo, and I'm going to steal a picture from Hil's blog, because we met EARLY the next morning for Melissa's blessing!) One more time! More of our people!

(All weekend, Annie was "hiding" from the camera. She succeeded in this one, eh?)


Ann Marie said…
Thanks for the blog. I love remembering that delightful day.