Black and White park happiness

A few weeks ago, my happy friend Kjerstin from Idaho came to visit and drool at fabric with me.

Fabric buddies = buddies for life.

While she was here, she took stealthy pictures of my playgrounding children (seriously, she was feet and feet and feet away from them) and now fabric isn't the only thing I'm drooling over:

Thank you so much, amazing camera lady/fabric and life friend!

Okay, I just can't help but add some beautiful color ones as well. Here is Z with one of her two boys--both boys are older than Zane, and BOTH were nice to Zane, which you don't find a lot in kids these days. Kjerstin, what's your secret?

Finally, remember how my Annie H-A-T-E-S the camera right now (If that were spoken, it would say "aych ay tee ee essess")? We're wondering if she knew she was giving Kjerstin "a message" here..for now, we'll leave that to mystery.

Anyone close to Idaho Falls in need of family/kid/stealthy playground pictures? I think I know who you should call!


Kjerstin said…
:) So glad you like the pics...and so glad I got to see you. It's just never quite enough time, so next time we'll make it a sleepover or something. :)