Backtracking a bit

Last year, I was blog-my-summer-vacation crazy. Everyone who stopped by had to get their picture taken, and their story written down. And if I saw them twice, their picture taken and their story written down again.

The reason? Well, I tend to not want to bother the people I love with group pictures. It's the reason there are exactly 4 pictures of my husband and me from our wedding to when my blog started.

Okay so maybe it isn't that extreme. Still, I have had many meetings with the people I enjoy most, and up until last summer, I'd never taken the time (or had the nerve) to document it. Until last year. Last year was thorough. Perhaps a bit excessive. And for that reason, I haven't been so insistent this year.

Except with this one friend. We hadn't seen each other since a trip to Hawaii when I was pregnant with Zane (back in the era of no blog = no pictures), and all the sudden we were getting the opportunity to hang out for an entire afternoon! So, I had to take pictures. And blog about it.

Brynne has been a dear, dear friend of mine, since clear back in Laie (over 10 years!). She is inspiring in her abilities, from half-marathoning the weekend before she made the trip to see me, to sewing and living green, to being an extremely spiritual person, and on and on. Brynne, thanks for being rad. This one's for you.

And look, she even brought along her two cute kiddos! They posed with the more pleasant half of my bunch:

To the rest of you wonderful people I've chilled with thus far this summer: you got out of 'the blog' this time, you lucky ducks!