We ran away...

..and my oh my it has been fun. The main event? A Sarah Jarosz concert last night. Cistern yard, college of Charleston campus. Yes, I mean Charleston, South Carolina.

It was a breezy, hot summer night, under the live oaks. Sarah and her two boys (one a cellist, the other a fiddler) rocked and jammed and we sang along (okay, just I sang along) and forgot about dish doing and laundry and all the other things that go along with being boringly at home.

And today we walked up and down the streets of Charleston, taking in deeper all the beautiful sights from our first trip here last May. Those pictures will come when I'm boringly back home with a camera cord.


Kjerstin said…
Just got caught up on your travels. It's just so beautiful! I'm glad you got a break from the regular-ness of every day. :)